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Bob-at-Lords-being-presented-to-Prince-Edward-bef-13.JPGBob at Lord’s being presented to Prince Edward before a Lord’s Taverners match.

The Duke of Edinburgh is a fan and has been heard to say “I like that chap’s voice”.

In 2000 Bob delivered a poem entitled “The Duke and I” at a function celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Lord’s Taverners and of the Duke’s involvement.

In the poem Bob gently teased the Duke for never recognising him.

“He certainly recognises me now. He even takes the mickey when we  meet” says Bob.

"When I was at a reception in Buckingham Palace two years ago he said to me “who let you in here?”"

Consequently he has appeared at many functions with Prince Philip including the Variety Club, the Grand Order of Water Rats and he was even booked for the Centenary Dinner of the Royal Household Cricket Club.

In 2010 Bob and the Duke were together again at the 60th anniversary of the Lord’s Taverners in St James’s Palace.

Bob had written another poem - “The Duke and I – The Sequel”. In this he and the Duke are seen as great pals, frequently hanging out together. But now the Duke laid in wait for Bob and afterwards delivered one verse about him!

Bob was so stunned he could not recall what had been said except for the punchline which read “there is not enough room to swing a cat”.

In 2011 Bob was selected to appear at the Duke’s 90th Birthday Tribute alongside Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage, Al Murray and the late Frank Carson).

Bob has also appeared with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Princess Anne and Prince Michael of Kent.

He has met the Queen just once – when she handed him his MBE.

Visit the link where Bob 'Roasts' the Duke of Edinburgh, in a friendly way, at the Savoy

Bob-delivering-his-poem-The-Duke-and-I-On-his-l-13.JPGBob delivering his poem “The Duke and I”. On his left the late John Bromley of ITV Sport, Sir Tim Rice and the Duke of EdinburghThe Duke of Edinburgh is a fan and has been heard to say “I like that chap’s voice”.


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