Awards Host & MC

You did a fantastic job - really keeping the audience engaged in the sometimes "dry" proceedings

Miranda Chapman, Producer,Kent Excellence in Business Awards 2011


Bob is an excellent host at all events. His public relations and journalistic background coupled with his humour allows him to entertain the audience yet maintain respect for the occasion and the award winners.

The sheer enjoyment and laughter on everyone's faces as we glanced across the room whilst you were on stage filled me with happiness.

Helen Lawton, Organiser,Midlands Print Awards, November, 2008


His experience as a comic also means he is able to keep the attention of the audience.

Your sheer professionalism not only lifted the whole affair, introducing some much needed humour, but also ensured that a generally unruly audience were kept under control. You made my life so much easier - it has been hard work in previous years but this time it ran purr-fectly, thanks to the Cat!

Mike Toynbee, Editor,Buying Business Travel 2008

It would also be true to say that he works well under pressure.

You held it together when others might have let it fall apart

 Director of the Lord's Taverners after Bob had hosted an event

Apart from those shown above and below he has recently hosted events as diverse as Birmingham City Council, the Promo Show Awards, Protocol Skills Awards and the UK Warehousing Awards.

Thank you for entertaining us so magnificently at Nottingham. It was a pleasure to see a comedian who is genuinely funny and who can ad lib without autocue!

John Rogan,Financial Controller, Protocol Skills 2008

He has actually hosted the Airline of the Year Awards over many years.

Thanks - and congratulations - on your performance at the Airline of the Year Awards.....your contribution made it the most successful event in 16 years."

Editor,Executive Travel

Perhaps his most memorable evening was a Jockeys Dinner at London's Hilton Hotel where the room flooded just as the evening was about to start. Apparently Channel 4's TV lights had set the sprinklers off. After a delay he carried on.

You were a star and took it all in your stride. The feedback was very good so thanks for entering into the spirit of the evening and not letting it faze you

Ann Saunders, Company Secretary,Jockeys Association of Great Britain Ltd



youtube.png Watch Part I of 'the Cat' in action and  Part II here youtube.png

Grumpy old goalies


Bob 'The Cat' Bevan